Q: How do you decide the best wall to put the wardrobe on?

As a general rule, it’s best to keep your room remaining as square as possible. Try to avoid putting your wardrobe on a wall that makes your room even narrower than it already is. Put the wardrobe on a wall that isn’t used for the bed. In many cases this is the space directly in front of you as you enter the room. There can be variations that will affect the best position for a wardrobe such as windows and doorways and our experienced consultants will be happy to advise you on this.

Q: Do the doors come in a set size?

Doors are custom made to fit the space for your wardrobe right down to the last millimetre.

Q: What’s better, hinged or sliding doors?

This is an entirely personal choice. Both can made to compliment your existing décor if required with custom designs and colours. In the case of hinged doors you will need adequate space to open the doors without hitting any furniture in the room.

Q: Can you match the design of my current doors?

Both hinged and sliding doors can be designed to match as closely as possible to your existing doors if required.

Q: What sizes do your drawers come in?

We have standard 500mm and 600mm wide drawers but we also custom make any size. Also, the drawers can be fitted with full extension, soft closing, steel ball bearing runners and handles.

Q: What do I do about shoes?

Generally, multiple adjustable shelves are the easiest and most convenient way to access shoes.

Q: Can you change my current hinged doors to sliding?

Yes. This is commonly requested to give more space in smaller rooms or where large opening doors are intrusive.

Q: How long will it take to install my wardrobe?

Usually it takes half a day for a small wardrobe, and a full day for a large wardrobe. Multiple wardrobes can take 2-3days.

Q: Can you remove my existing wardrobe and shelving?

Yes, we can dismantle (breakout) and remove your wardrobe for a cost. If there are any large holes we will also patch you walls.

Q: Do you do bookshelves?

Yes, we custom make bookshelves to any size or colour.

Q: Do you do home offices?

Yes, we make home offices using either coloured laminates or painted MDF in any colour.